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Mielikki Metsänhaltija – the Finnish goddess of the forest

Mielikki the Finnish goddess of the forest (based on the Kalevala mythology) is a friendly character who organizes various adventure services in Teijo National Park (in Salo, Southwest Finland).

Mielikki’s services in English – stories of Finnish mythology and stories about the secrets in the Finnish forest

Come and listen to exciting stories about forest, forest animals and forest population.

Elves assist Mielikki from time to time, if they just agree to come out from their hiding places.

You can meet Mielikki in Teijo Nature Center or in Mathilda's Marina seaside area depending on the weather.

Duration of storytelling session is about 1½ hours (at 10 to 11.30 o'clock ) and the price is 30 euros/family. Please, register in advance! Only cash payment!

CANCELLED IN SUMMER 2020!!!  Service available in the summer of 2020:

The guided trail around Lake Matildanjärvi, 5,5 km. (about 3h), min. 10 person

We'll start from the  Matildanjärvi parking space, continue hiking around the lake, meet mythical Mielikki somewere and stop trail to the Mathilda's Marina beautiful seaside sauna. So, after trail you have  a great possibility of relaxing traditional finnish sauna.

The  price of trail around Lake Matildanjärvi:  75 e/person and  Family price (2 adults, 2 children)/ 190 e.

Include: guided trail, picnic lunch and coffee/tea and Mielikki's meeting

The price of traditional finnish sauna: 25 e/ person (inc. towels, need own swimming suit)

See the summer schedule and  obligatory register in advance!

Also available shorter trails (1-2 hours). The prices varies between 50-60 e/person dependig on time. Family price (2 adults, 2 children) 120-150 e.

You are warmly welcome to the Mielikki's Forest in Teijo National Park!


Contact information and Enquiries:, mielikki [at]

Mobile +358 44 547 3380


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